Safety pump for chemicals
with spillage-proof measure jug


Manual pumps of patented design (pistonless direct lift pump) with no friction to be overcome in the pumping action and no parts to wear or jam. The pumped liquid is delivered at low pressure in high volume.

The pumps are made from polypropylene and polyethylene plastics giving broad resistant to most chemicals. They can be used to pump acid, alkaline, caustic and chlorine based cleaning chemical liquids, oils and lubricants and many crop chemicals including chemicals that contain mild solvents.

They are equipped with a bayonet clip-on closed delivery system to a safety measure jug, which dramatically reduces the likelihood that chemicals may come in contact with the operator, prevents spillage and captures drips.

A range of pumps is available to suit common container/drum sizes (20 - 200 litre drums).

The safety measure jug incorporates a clear calibration in both fluid oz and ml. The unique "pour-line calibration" allows the operator to pour off the desired quantity without having to tip the jug to the vertical position to check the liquid level on the horizontal calibration.

A simple one-third turn clips or releases the jug from the bayonet clip-on nozzle of the pump and the large handle is designed to take a gloved hand.

The outlet nozzle swivels to secure the pump from accidental flow of liquid (in the 'up' position flow is restricted).

Safety strap to lock and unlock the pump in order to avoid accidental use by children.


A wide range of adapters (drum attachment fittings) to suit the drum and container threads are available, thus securing firm fixing of the pump to the chemical container/drum.

Advantages for use in aquaculture:

Particularly useful in aquaculture for pumping and dispensing liquids from bulk containers, such as anaesthetics, disinfectants, formalin, fish oils, etc. In hatcheries, the pumps may be used for pumping and dosing suspensions of live prey from culture or enrichment tanks. Main advantages comprise:

*** Necessary for companies complying with HACCP and ISO quality and safety standards ***


Pumps and measures are distributed singly packed in plastic sleeves with instruction leaflet.




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