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l General purpose "Web Search Engines"

Powerful search engine, providing free web search and site search. Particularly suitable for educational purposes.


l Data bases on fish and biology

A Global Information System on Fish. FishBase on the web contains information on practically all fish species known to science. (31,000 species, 47,000 pictures, 42,500 references).
It is supported by a consortium of seven research institutions, the F.A.O. and the European Commission.


Web site provided by the American Society for Microbiology, which is the largest single life science society, composed of over 42,000 scientists and health professionals.
Its mission is to promote research and training in the microbiological sciences and to assist communication between scientists, policy makers and the public to improve health and the environment.


l Taxonomic Information Systems

Species 2000 has the objective of enumerating all known species of organisms on Earth (animals, plants, fungi and microbes) as the baseline dataset for studies of global biodiversity.

Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS).
Authoritative taxonomic information on plants, animals, fungi and microbes of North America and the world. ITIS is a partnership of U.S., Canadian and Mexican agencies; other organisations and taxonomic specialists. ITIS is also a partner of Species 2000 and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF).


l Search and delivery of research articles

Free online search service of published scientific articles as well as delivery service.


l Science Publishers (Books and Journals)

Aquatic Science References, Books, Dictionaries, Wallcharts, CD-roms, Journals, such as:
Journal of Fish Dieseases; Aquaculture Nutrition; Aquaculture Research; Fish and Fisheries.

Agricultural and Biological Science publishers. Aquatic science references, such as journals, books, book series, dictionaries. Aquatic Science journals comprise:
Aquaculture; Aquacultural Engineering; Aquatic Living Resources; Aquatic Toxicology; Fisheries Research; Journal of Experimental Marine Biology & Ecology.

Inter-Research publishers of journals and book series. Selected journal titles comprise:
Diseases of Aquatic Organisms; Aquatic Microbial Ecology; Marine Ecology.

Nature Publishing Group.
Science journals on biology and nature.


l Veterinary - Fish Pathology - Aquaculture:
Associations, Societies (and their publications)

European Association of Fish Pathologists (EAFP).
Promotes exchange of knowledge and co-ordinates research related to fish and shellfish pathology.
Publishes a Bulletin six times a year.

European Aquaculture Society (EAS).

The EAS was established in 1976 as an international, non-profit association, with the principal objective of being the European forum for contacts and information exchange for those having an interest in European aquaculture.

Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP).

The FEAP is composed of the National Aquaculture Producer Associations of all European Countries representing most of finfish production in Europe. Its main role is to provide a forum for the Member Associations to establish common policies on production issues and the commercialisation of aquaculture species. Data and graphics on production volumes by species and by country as well as their values and average annual prices are provided.

International Association for Biologicals
Brings together regulatory and control authorities, manufacturers, academic scientists and international health professionals.
The site provides access to relative links and publications.

American Fisheries Society (AFS).
The society publishes a suit of journals for aquatic resource professionals:
Transactions of the American Fisheries Society; North American Journal of Fisheries Management; North American Journal of Aquaculture (formerly: The Progressive Fish-Culturist); Journal of Aquatic Animal Health.

The Society of Protozoologists.
Portal to parasitology, protozoology and parasitology links.
Society publications: Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology.

Hellenic Veterinary Association (HVA).
Πανελλήνιος Κτηνιατρικός Σύλλογος (ΠΚΣ).


l Institutions, State & International Organisations, Libraries, Dictionaries

The World Organisation of Animal Health.
World animal health status, data on animal diseases, health standards, animal welfare, food safety, publications.
Aquatic Animal Health Code.; Manual of Diagnostic Tests for Aquatic Animals; …etc.

European network for the dissemination of aquaculture research and technology.
Information on recent research developments, technical bulletins, workshops and R&D funding.
Research contacts database.

National Centre of Marine Research (NCMR) - former Institute of Marine Biology of Crete (IMBC).
CD ROM multimedia, such as "Basic techniques in fish haematology"; videos, slide shows and computer animated models on Greek marine science. Internet resources and bibliographical services, plus "Aqualex" a multilingual glossary, covering the aquaculture cycle and its terminology with definitions of terms.

University of Stirling (Scotland, UK).
Aquaculture reference library.

Free online aquaculture dictionary.
Aquaculture definitions, including tables, pictures and calculations!


l European legislation

Multilingual data-base of the European legislation. Interactive search of the Official Journal of the European Union. Legislation in force, consolidated legislation, legislation in preparation and documents of public interest.



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